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Organic Home Textile For Your Health

In order to eliminate the negative effects of the chemicals used in textile, it is very important to use organic cotton products in home textiles where the products are at direct body contact. Our product collection with its original design, careful sewing, pure and natural features, has organic textile production standards covering all production stages from field to packaging and has an international GOTS certificate in the area of organic products.

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Cotton which is produced with genetically unmodified seeds and without the use of toxic substances such as chemical fertilizers and pesticide, is organic cotton. Organic cotton does not contain substances harmful to human health. This benefit which is provided by organic farming methods, is transferred to the consumer by making production in accordance with organic standards in the yarn, fabric and garment construction processes.

Why We Use Organic Cotton In Our Products?

  • Organic cotton protects your health.
  • Organic cotton is environmentally friendly.
  • Organic cotton is suitable for your skin.
  • Organic cotton maintains a sustainable environment.