Natural Spring Water

The high mountains of Sapanca are covered with snow for five months of the year and natural spring water comes from there.

– There is no risk of contamination from the human factor.
– It is far away from the settlement.
– It is the natural spring water which includes rich minerals.

Minerals are inorganic substances and must be taken from outside because they are not produced by the body. Natural spring water contains these minerals without any intervention.

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You can watch the video of the water spring from here.

More Info

Mineral Values
Aluminum: Not Found µg/L
Ammonium: Not Found mg/L
Chloride: 0,88 mg/L
Conductivity: 101.7 µg/L
PH: 7.5
Ferrous: Not Found µg/L
Manganese: Not Found mg/L
Oxidization: 5 mg/L
Sulfate: 2.11 mg/L
Sodium: 1.3 mg/L
TOC: -
Color: The appropriate
Smell: The appropriate
Taste: The appropriate
Blur: The appropriate
Number of Colonie: 22-⁰C (72 hours) 0/1 ml
Coliform Bacteria: 0/250 ml
Clostridium Perfringens: 0/100 ml