Our Mission

In accordance with the vision which is determined by Mac Global,

  • By combining the supplier partners who have the best auditing and high quality standards with its buyer partners under a common roof after the needs of the customers are identified,
  • By finding new markets for business partners who produce high quality products and want to enter the global market,
  • By minimizing the risks of its business partners with continuous control and on-site inspection,
  • By reducing the costs and by saving time to its business partners with its collaborators who are important in the logistics services that constitute an important part of the whole process,
  • Effectively by raising the pleasure of its employees and business partners with its philosophy which consists of the basis of affection and respect,
  • Since its established, by providing commercial solutions in international markets with its accumulated experience, qualified work force, current external relations.
  • By being qualified, clear, honest, reliable and strategic solution partner at every point of the services provided,

It grows its family which consists of its employers and business partners with more knowledge and professional understanding day by day.