High Quality Product Supply

Our company works with business partners who have top quality standards to provide high quality product supply.

Quality Control

Our international and local teams who are composed of experts, help minimize your company’s risks with quality control and factory inspection.

Safe Trade

We adopt the principle of safe trade with our high quality product supply and quality control services.

About Us

Mac Global was founded in 2014 in Shanghai Free Trade Zone in order to be a leader in quality, expert and innovation in the foreign trade sector. Our company with professional principles, has import – export license certified by Chinese government and CIS certified custom regulation database. Our company who has continued to export and import from China to Europe and The United States of America, defines costumers and suppliers as business partners instead of describing as customers and suppliers. Since its establishment, our company specializes in food, textile and electronic products and the sectors which these products are connected. Also, with the principle of continuous learning and growth, our company provides specialization and knowledge in different sectors according to the needs and demands of our collaborators.

Our company provides trading solution with high quality, fast and professional understanding by correctly defining all the needs of our business partners.

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Our Offices

Mac Global Türkiye

Phone : +90 232 422 10 88
E-mail : info@www.macglobal.com.tr
Fax : +90 232 325 00 99

Address : Atatürk Cad. No.370/1 Basın Apt.
Kat:4 D:8 Alsancak/İzmir/Turkey

Mac Global China

Phone : +86 21 60740273
E-Mail : info@macglobal.cn
Fax : +86 21 61912157
Address : Room11A, Jiushi Building, No.28 South Zhongshan Rd, Shanghai, 200010, China

上海市黄浦区中山南路28号久事大厦11楼A座 邮政编码: 200010